Computational, Systems and Developmental Neuroscience

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Job Openings

Diversity: The lab welcomes people of any gender, race, ethnicity, nationality and sexual orientation. Individuals from historically underrepresented groups including women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Previous members of the lab have come from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, China, Japan, Vietnam, the Phillipines and Israel, and from a wide variety of academic backgrounds.

Postdoc positions

Modeling sleep: We are looking for 2 postdocs with strong backgrounds in computational neuroscience to analyze and model the neural circuits underlying sleep, based on data from whole-brain imaging of zebrafish. To apply please send a CV and cover letter explaining your interest to Prof Goodhill.

Graduate students

Prof Goodhill is affiliated with several graduate programs at Washington University including Neurosciences, Biomedical Engineering, Systems Science and Mathematics.

Research Assistants

There may be positions available for people who have recently obtained Bachelors or Masters degrees with strong mathematical/computational components, and would like to conduct research in preparation for applying for graduate school.

Undergraduate students

The lab has opportunities for undergraduate students with backgrounds in Math, Physics and Engineering to conduct projects in the lab. For more details please send a CV and cover letter explaining your interest to Prof Goodhill.